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Odin’s Law – “Still Standing Strong” Compact Disc

Odin's Law - "Still Standing Strong" Compact Disc Heavy metal WP with superior production and sound quality: 01. ...Business Is Good 02. By The Hammer Of Thor 03. Victory Bound 04. Deceit 05. Stand Proud 06. Odin's Eye 07. Still Standing Strong 08. If They Had Eyes 09. The Day Freedom Dies 10. Stronger Than All 11. Plunder And Pillage 12. Hail The Gods
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Kill Baby, Kill! – “Product Of Society” Compact Disc

Kill Baby, Kill! - "Product Of Society" Compact Disc 01. Product Of Society (3:44) 02. Crocodile Tears (3:44) 03. Charlie Came Knockin' (4:31) 04. Change Your Ways (3:13) 05. Fool's Paradise (3:28) 06. I'm Still Standing (4:49) 07. Skinhead Nightmare (4:28) 08. My Name Is Hate (3:47) 09. Punk's Not Red (3:04) 10. Here I Am (4:57) Download: Kill Baby, Kill! - "Product Of Society" Full Song Mp3 Download (5 mb)
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Stormtroop 16 – “Braces Up Straight Laces Up” Compact Disc

Stormtroop 16 - "Braces Up Straight Laces Up" Compact Disc Stormtroop 16 have a raw R.A.C. style power-packed with punk rock and metal mixed in, resulting in an aggressive old-school skinhead sound. Stormtroop 16 - Braces Up Straight Laces Up was released by a German record label and the requirement of European-legal lyrics (a future version is already in the works containing the original lyrics) issued quite a challenge to the band. Despite working with a lawyer in Germany to ensure that all of the song's lyrics passed the ZOG test, the music retains all of the power and energy you'd expect from one of the movement's hardest working bands! The booklet includes all lyrics and band photos: Locked Away – War Machine – Spirit Of 88 – Mentally Deranged – Drug War – Across Oceans So Vast – Where's Your Pride? – Done My Time – Red Waves – Imprisoned – Angry Americans and Change Of Scenery. (Nordic Thunder) MP3 Download: Stormtroop 16 - Red Waves (3.8 mb) German information: Stormtroop 16 sind das Alter Ego von Slaghammer und nach deren Debütalbum kommt mit "Braces Up Straight Laces Up" der nächste Hammer aus den Staaten. Geboten wird eine harte, aggressive Mischung aus R.A.C. und Oi! mit Metaleinflüssen nach allen Regeln der alten Schule. Vor allem der brachiale Gesang unterstreicht die wütende Musik. Die Sache ist bestens produziert und die Aufmachung hochwertig und enthält Fotos und sämtliche Texte. Erschienen ist das Album bei Whitenoise Records und die Texte wurden für den europäischen Markt angepasst. Das tut der Musik allerdings keinen Abbruch. Jedoch ist eine Version mit den Originaltexten bereits in Arbeit.
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Chicago Man Asks Obama to Not Touch His Girlfriend

White people need to stand-up for themselves!

White Europeans throughout history have had to struggle hard for their achievements and liberties both individually and collectively. In the past half century, North American Europeans have largely allowed the slow poison of egalitarianism and tolerance to severely weaken out collective identity and heritage to the point of possible total destruction. We currently have to decide within less than a decade weather we want to survive as a race and people of common blood and heritage. If we in North America allow our population to go below 50% which some in the USA say is quite close to that, we may very well end up like the South African Europeans who are under the yolk of genocide. 14/88 comrades and RAHOWA!

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I've been reading a lot about circumcision lately and wondering if it would be the right thing for my boy. From what I've read, Nazis weren't too big on it. Now a days, fewer and fewer people are having it done.

As a man of pure blood, what should I do? I understand uncut is a slight higher hygiene factor, but it's more natural.

Any advice would be valued. Thank you.

Overpasses for America to Protest Obama's Illegal Immigration Amnesty Oct 24 and 25

First revealed on NSM Weekend:

Complete story:

For more information:

NOTE: This is not a sanctioned NSM event, but you are welcomed to attend as a solid American citizen one of the events in your area if you are so inclined.

blaming mexicans for meth?

OK I wanna start of by saying I'm by no means a beaner lover. I hate border hoppers. But I think its funny the KKK says Mexicans are the ones responsible for all the meth in the United States. But actually any good dope is made by other neo Nazis. All the spicks got that bunk shit. Dirty Mexicans