Judge denies plea to ban weapons at NSM rally


Now, I gotta say this. In my humble, yet occasionally newsworthy opinion, the attempt at banning weapons at the rally was questionable at the very least.

I mean, there will be so much in the way of local, state, and federal law enforcement in Toledo the day of the NSM rally, that the good citizens of that city will HAVE to listen to our warnings!

There won't be much of any chance for some half-deranged anarchist or communist to again infiltrate the black residents of Toledo, and co-opt them into rioting against their own town.

What we are saying will ring true! But, to even put forth such a ludicrous idea of a weapons ban impugns the nature of this event, and the NSM, a NON-VIOLENT sociopolitical organization.

Again, it was communists and anarchists who were the provocateurs of the 2005 Toledo riots. And it is THOSE alleged people that the National Socialist Movement is trying to warn white people everywhere about their dangers. We are also trying to warn the black people of this great nation as well about such evils!

Blacks need not put up with the almost stereotypically allowed past and lowered expectations. Just as whites cannot any longer put up with the nearly federally-endorsed invasion of illegal immigrants from third-world nations who are abandoning their own countries.

But, the shocking discussion will happen PEACEFULLY without weapons, but with open and more engaged MINDS!

“'Sick & Tired' of Sharpton Being the Voice of My Race”

“A 12-year-old conservative slammed Rev. Al Sharpton for 'doing nothing but spur hatred' in the black community...Coreco “CJ” Pearson Jr. called Sharpton a 'phony' who is 'only in this business to make money'....'You’ve done nothing to build us up but everything to [make us] look like we are the victims. We are not the victims, not everyone is a racist, it’s just not true,' Pearson said.”



“Hillary Clinton called for a constitutional amendment…To limit free speech rights”

“Hillary Clinton called for a constitutional amendment...to limit free speech rights...to unions, companies and organizations donating to political campaigns”


Administration Gave Social Security Numbers to 541,000 Illegal Aliens








Isn't this a bit 'juvenile?'

Toledo Officials attempt to ban guns at NSM event


Toledo officials ask court to keep neo Nazis from carrying guns at rally


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Toledo city officials have filed a motion, asking a court to prevent neo Nazis planning a rally downtown Saturday from carrying guns.

The motion was filed in Lucas County Common Pleas Court this afternoon. The National Socialist Movement, which is organizing the rally, has not responded to the motion yet and a court hearing on the matter has not been scheduled.

"It’s pretty obvious that Nazi rally and guns are a bad mix,“ City Law Director Adam Loukx said today.

The city wants the court to prevent both members of the National Socialist Movement and counter demonstrators from carrying firearms in the interest of public safety, Mr. Loukx said.

"We don't want either side to be armed to the teeth,” he said.

The National Socialist Movement announced plans in March to hold a rally downtown Saturday.

The city granted a permit to the group to have a two-hour rally beginning at 3:30 p.m. outside One Government Center.

City police devised a plan to manage the event that calls for both police and a boulevard to be between members of the group and the public.

Read more at http://www.toledoblade.com/Police-Fire/2015/04/15/Toledo-officials-ask-court-to-keep-neo-Nazis-from-carrying-guns-at-rally.html#S65XXV8S6KDmoQEC.99


Experts suggest Toledoans counter neo-Nazis with positive events


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image: http://www.toledoblade.com/image/2015/04/15/150x_b1_a3-4_cCM_z/Potok.jpg
If Toledoans don’t want the city to again be marred as a result of a rally Saturday by the neo-Nazis, they’ll do more than ignore the demonstration, said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization that also watches extremist groups.

Toledoans, he said, will connect with one another in a positive way at sites away from One Government Center, the location of the National Socialist Movement rally.

“In 2005, the last time they were in Toledo, what happened was absolutely notorious. For them, that was an ideal turn of events, and they left,” Mr. Potok said of the National Socialist Movement.

The rally in North Toledo in the fall that year turned into a riot, resulting in a crowd that became angry at the police-protected demonstrators. More than 100 people were arrested, emergency workers were attacked, and businesses were destroyed and looted.

That demonstration, where the late Jack Ford, who was mayor at the time, was front and center, made national news.

image: http://www.toledoblade.com/image/2015/04/15/300x_b1_cCM_z/CTY-Nazi10p-1.jpg
More than 100 people were arrested when the National Socialist Movement rallied in Toledo in 2005. The group will hold another rally on Saturday.
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“Jeff Schoep and NSM were on every network show that evening, where he crowed, ‘the Negro savages proved our point for us,’ and I’m paraphrasing,” Mr. Potok said.

“Basically, it worked very well for them because it wasn’t any of his people who got arrested. The truth is, they were a bunch of cowards. They were behind a wall of police,” Mr. Potok said. Scuffles among upset observers led to arrests, he added.

“The counterdemonstrators are not necessarily more violent, but the white supremacists are protected and the crowd gets very angry,” he said.

To avoid disastrous consequences again, Mr. Potok offers these remarks.

“It’s a mistake to counterdemonstrate in the face of these people. It only brings attention and the potential violence that they crave. Hold some kind of event, but elsewhere,” he said, and invite people from all walks of life to attend.

“Don’t hold a counter demonstration in the face of NSM. That becomes a huge media spectacle. Communities have done all kinds of things. Do something that says, ‘this is not what Toledo is all about and they are not welcome here,’” Mr. Potok said. “The other thing about doing it that way is that very often you can get lemonade out of a lemon. Often these events will get people coming together to talk about these issues.”

image: http://www.toledoblade.com/image/2015/04/15/300x_b1_cCM_z/CTY-erase15p-2.jpg
Nazis taunt residents on Revere Street.
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According to the Southern Poverty Law Center “hate map,” there are about 1,000 hate groups in the nation and 27 are in Ohio.

While the focus of some extremists are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons, most direct their anger to racial and ethnic groups.

And it is true that not all extremists are white. Some are black too.

Nevertheless, our nation has long been comprised of different people. In fact, once referred to as the “melting pot,” the country has also been labeled a “salad bowl,” which suggested that Americans celebrated differences.

So what is it that makes anyone want to become a part of extreme and white supremacists groups?

The reasons are numerous. Some want to belong, as their family unit might be dysfunctional or otherwise in disarray. Linking with another “family” increases self esteem and gives self worth and value.

And there are other reasons.

“There are people who come in who come out of racist families. Others have had some experience. For example, black people were mean to them in school. And others come in through family members. Some believe the conspiracy theories on the Internet,” Mr. Potok said.

Dale Lanigan, chairman of the social and justice department at Lourdes University, suggests that what compels a person to join extremists is a result of his dislike of the “massive” change in demographics.

The nation doesn't look like it did a decade ago, and within two or three decades “the minority will become the majority,” he said.

“We have people coming from all over the world,” Mr. Lanigan said. “We've always had a lot of immigrants, but people coming today look different.”

“Different” in this case is not European, but rather persons who are African, Hispanic, Asian, Arab, and so on.

“Then you add a bad economic situation, and people say, 'It can't be me, but the immigrants who are coming to take my job from me,' ” Mr. Lanigan said.

Add to the mix that various groups are demanding rights, the 24-hour news cycle, and television commentators who stir the pot.

“And so much of what people think is news is commentary,” Mr. Lanigan said. “When people don't understand the difference in commentary and news, we have a real problem.”

Additionally, social media make it easy for those frustrated about their circumstances to express their anger.

“And you add that to the mix and you have an increase in hate crimes and you have hate groups,” Mr. Lanigan said. “Many of them are frustrated with their own situations. People don't want to blame themselves, but blame immigrants and minorities, and they act out. There are individuals who harbor deep-seated prejudices and who many view as coming to take your jobs away.”

Of course, most people who have prejudices don't act on them as do members of the National Socialist Movement. However, Mr. Lanigan added, “What we will see in this city [on Saturday] is hate. They don’t call it that, but it is hate.”

Contact Rose Russell at: [email protected] or 419-724-6178.

Read more at http://www.toledoblade.com/Culture/2015/04/15/Experts-suggest-Toledoans-counter-neo-Nazis-with-positive-events.html#RLjs2lq1mwSpCwIz.99

ANP Non-Aryan Sympathizer

Recently I got an e-mail from a Non-Aryan Sympathizer who had some intelligent comments about uniting against the common foe and creating a better image for the NS movement.  As anyone paying attention knows, the American Nazi Party is pragmatic in regards to our struggle and we look at every angle from a revolutionary perspective. Here is the e-mail followed by my reply:

As a person who strongly believe in the ideals of national socialism, I feel is my duty to call to the attention of the American Nazi Party, that racial segregation in the meetings and demonstrations is doing a lot of harm to the reputation and projection of the movement in the eyes of the common people. The strong enemies of this movement – we all know who they are – control the media, and are always demonizing the movement, portraying it as an enemy of all other races.  People are scared of this movement because of it. So, I think you do a lot of good to our enemy in segregating people of other races from meetings and congregation. This way you help fuel the media projection of the movement of being a racist and intolerant movement….I myself being a Nazi and a non-white feel very bad about it.

I believe in the right of the Aryans to preserve their race and defend it, as I believe is the duty of other races to love themselves and respect and love the others, but we have to come together in public to take the message of liberation for all races.

With love and dignity,
Alex Dxxxx Lxxxxxx

Thank you for your email and your comments.  You bring up a good point, and I’m sure you’re aware of the alliances Germany had with non-Whites in the war.  People often forget that Germany’s strongest ally in the war was Japan.

If/when the ANP decides to march publicly in a protest display, I believe we would welcome all to show solidarity against the money-powers on behalf of all humanity and towards mutually beneficial segregation.  As Louis Beam said, “If you don’t yet realize that the greatest threat to the survival of the White Race on the face of this earth is Washington D.C. … you’re not even in the struggle.”

However, our privately held meetings that shape our future policies will remain only OS and full Members.  Non-Aryan sympathizers are certainly encouraged to organize on their own, and I would love to see a Sympathizer blog pop up.  Small local cells of non-Aryan sympathizers distributing literature and speaking out against this oppressive regime would throw the enemy for a loop and draw attention to the fact that there IS a better way than judeo-capitalism!  It would also be a huge step forward to have a Sympathizer blog pop up showing support for the American Nazi Party and explaining the truth about what National-Socialism really stands for.

True National-Socialists are not “mindless haters;” we are revolutionaries working towards the survival and prosperity of our people.  We are adamantly against the capitalist imperialism of the current U.S. system, and have no desire to interfere with or control the cultures and destinies of other peoples.  See http://whitehonor.com/white-power/leadership-by-example/ for an example of sincere, respectful, and compassionate National-Socialist behavior.

See our Sympathizer page here: http://www.anp14.com/sympathizer/sympathizer.php

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New Curriculum Will Teach Arab Israeli Children About Suffering of Jews During Holocaust vs Fort Hayes

The program, entitled “In Memory’s Lanes”, was launched last year by former Education Minister Shai Piron in Jewish schools, and has now been included in the curricula of junior high schools and high schools in the Arab, Druze and Circassian sectors. The program, which highlights Jewish suffering, and the atrocities and genocide that the Jewish People suffered during the Holocaust, will present the humanistic aspects of Zionism to these non-Jewish sectors.Full story here

WHAT and OK Please forgive me for saying this BUT WHAT again, Israel/Zionists you don't think that all the innocent killing of children, and famlies, homes being destroyed etc by you isn't some sort of suffering?

WOW just looking at that picture makes me think about all of the damage that must have occured to the actual structure of this camp during war time, age , just saying because if you look at Fort Hayes in Columbus,Ohio where it was never damaged by war and I know the National Historic Society Keeps buildings in decent upkeep, not to mention it's still in use somewhat by the military and Columbus Public Schools as both a vocational school and also a school bus compound.


Sadly many of those buildings are falling to shambles it's really kind of sad and it's been standing and had up keep on it through out the years and many of those old buildings look as if they where hit by bombs or something. Just an observation. I have pictures if anyone is interested also here is a link to some history behind Fort Hayes