Humorous NWO Conspiracy Thoughts

I'm sick at home today, as my medication has again racked up my stomach and ruined my sleep. I know my boss would not want me answering calls like: "Thank you for calling tech support and sales. This is...this is...this is...oh, jeez, what's-wrong-and-what-the-hell-do-you-want-to-buy?" I don't think so. At any rate, before I take something for my stomach and try to go back to sleep, I thought I might write about a few topics that bug the hell out of me -- with just a few hopefully insightful and comedic observational twists.

We not HATE other races; we instead GREATLY PREFER our own. We also greatly prefer other races not beating up or attempting to take unethical advantage of whites. Those who try to force-feed rhetoric to the contrary might actually be afraid of losing their current position of perceived authority -- versus that of polite cooperation -- with whites.

It is not the Jews who really turn many of us off, so much as those Jews exhibiting the WORST STEREOTYPES of their kind -- especially when it is easily seen as being rather conspicuous, and especially when tenuous connections between less-than-moral and/or (previously accepted) traditional beliefs, attitudes and actions are being almost viciously maligned. Much of the same can be said of practically any race, including the 'trailer trash' of my own!

And, it's not the Hispanics we dislike either. We just prefer they would simply immigrate legally into America (without being extorted, often by out-of-control Mexican drug lords), stop abandoning their financially-challenged country (also an ethical conundrum), and stop trying to modify OUR laws to accommodate THEIR worldview. Oh, and we'd REALLY like them to wise up to the confusingly paradoxical (and unethical as hell) smokescreen put in place by politicians in Washington who want their votes as new citizens, but can't even correct the inefficiencies in current legal immigration procedures, policies and processes. I would imagine much of the same could be (and IS) said in Western Europe and Russia.

Gays are not on my list of appreciated persons, either. The 'legality' of behaviors which create varying degrees of conscious and sub-conscious mental distress in the majority of the world's population. By the way, the perception my most of us who are straight, is that gays are engaging in activities which the majority of us view as unconventional and not directly connected to historically-accepted customs and mores. It also feels to many of us as though 'your rights' are being forced into the realm of invading 'our rights. In addition, there is the perception of an almost tangible 'plan' to deprive straight-people of our peaceful freedom from emotional coercion an well as unasked for discomfort, especially in this area.

Communists. Pathetically, yet almost amusingly passe! For anyone to align themselves with an economically and historically failed socio-economic process is as absurd as the young man who tried taking a 'video-selfie' too close to a passing freight train ( and then lamented at being 'hit.' Doesn't logically follow, and looks somewhat disingenuine.

Not to be necessarily be speaking for the NSM (let alone be its 'tactful apologist'), but some actions are explainable, while others are almost inexplicable, or even tinged with the question of possible planned malice.

NSM Weekend Needs YOU

NSM Media has begun an ambitious project. We are in the midst of creating our newest internet radio show, NSM Weekend. As of right now, future shows are scheduled to include:

--Live audio and speeches from the 2009 Arizona Rally
--Kentucky Immigration Forum with Brian Culpepper, and the Rally’s keynote address by Commander Schoep
--Excerpts from the Supreme Court discussion of Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070
--Commander Schoep’s rally address concerning the attack of flash mobs in Wisconsin
--The Claremont, CA rally, featuring an interview between event reporters and Jeff Hall
--Commander Schoep’s national meeting address before the Washington, D.C. Rally
--Commander Schoep’s Charlotte Rally address
--An extended look at communism in America
--Commander Schoep’s Atlanta Rally address
--And much, much more!

If YOU would like to be part of the discussion, email for more information!

Ride to nationals

It seems there has been a drastic last minute change of plans in my household regarding nationals and I will have to attend alone. Is there anyone in the North Georgia area or who may be passing through who might be able to give me a ride?

White youth under attack by Jewish VIVA and MTV

As many of you know it´s not just since yesterday Zionist organizations
and wreckers of our culture aim at our future, at our youth to kill them
in mind and soul ! Not that young whites just become spoiled and degenerated
over the time by seeing wrong values becoming presented as "fun" when Bam
Magera hits his own father at 3:00 AM into his face as behavioral pattern
for mimicry.

It becomes presented as entertainment as nearly all Hollywood movies for those
who believe those films would be made for them. Fatal thought ! "Fun" is the keyword
for young people since they are unaware, they are moldable and not asking question for
what they see on television.

Our understanding of value free entertainment, our understanding of dignity,
honor, goodness, forbearingness and fairness are all put at severe danger by
eroding them through changing them by a "modern lifestyle". Asociality, crime,
violence, perversion and coldness, mental frigidity are their values.

Let´s look behind who are behind Youth´s entertainment :


southpark - CIA and Zionists

Also showed several times race mixing.

drawn together

American Dad

That promotes America not existing anymore in the future

Futurama - same painter as the simpsons

Family Guy

Simpsons - Jewish rabbi

Beavis and Butthead


Ugly Americans

Beavis and Butthead

Here posing as Jewish Moloch - the Jews thrown their first borns into
that oven as human sacrifice when all others didn´t even dod. Even today
they sometimes sacrifice humans.

Viva Germany

Jud Süß Sauer die Show - Oliver Polak - Jewish "Comedian"

Also most of the bands playing on those channels are known leftists
as Die Ärzte, Rammstein, Tote Hosen or Jewish as Nena (99 Luftballons),
Kim Wilde giving themselves jobs in the music industry. Those are for
sure not value free.

Jewish singer Nena

Ärzte - leftists

And of course leftist feminist kikes as Nina Hagen too :

They all work day and night to destroy our nations, our countries, to
pervert our youth, to degenerate them till we see race mixing happening,
homosexuals walking around, the drug users in our park alleys when dead
junkies lay around, alcohol corpses become scratched off the streets the
next morning, see the lights of brothels opening in the midth of our cities
and the decay taking place,inflamed by the injection of this Jewish poison
into the veins of our people, inflamed by the light of Freemasonry, the torch
of the evil light, the light of death.

They know it hurts that those who have remained normal will try to escape this wrong
world. And there the Jews will stand with their business offering them to take off
"the pressure" they cause through destroyed families, through their Zionist lies,
through the destruction of our civilization, our culture and relations under each
other how we behave.

They will offer them drugs in discos, they will degenerate them with music for
race mixing and gay or lesbian marriages, that will leave them with illnesses
or without children or with mixed bastards. They will offer prostitution from
women that become brought into financial pressure. Tear down the young white
people´s niveau at talk shows to cause disharmony and how to "judge" situations.

It´s nothing else than a silent social warfare we have here. Be aware of it !
They will use every weakness from us, every disappointment to tell our young
men that they are may be gay when they are sensitive minded. They will use
every chance to bring a disappointed white girl or woman together with a
lesbian, a kike or negro for "taking revenge" that cuts only into her or his
own flesh. This has to end forever, for all times ! Become a part of the solution
and fight Zionism actively or die sooner or later because the Zionist won´t give
us our countries back ever freely ! They Youth becomes educated to destroy itself,
let´s stop that !

Get F-ing SERIOUS!!!

Anyone writing about the desirability of Jews (or ANYONE) being put into 'gas chambers' will be reported to the moderators (pardon the pun) without prejudice!

Are the a$$clowns who put forth this $#i! not aware that New Saxon is under the constant scrutiny of National Socialist Movement and NSM Media officials as well as command-staff?!

If you are THAT stupid, kindly clean up your posts, or GO ELSEWHERE!



P.S.: If ANYONE thinks that New Saxon moderators, NSM Media, and NSM command-staff will tolerate ANY shenanigans, think again!

Destination America: American Militias

Although it's called, "Destination America: American Militias," the episode featuring NSM Region 11 Director and NSM Media Producer, Harry Hughes, ought to be re-titled, 'A Primer on Illegal Immigration in America:' Take a look at this clip here if you haven't seen the show yet:

NSM Chattanooga Rally in the News

Stage is set for Chattanooga to be next flash point

The Nazis come to town

“…Chattanooga Historical Justice Coalition…outraged about a planned visit…by a National Socialist Movement or NSM.”

Neo-Nazi group planning Chattanooga rally

Nazis in Chattanooga: National Socialist Movement rallies

The Figure

"Although I am unborn, everlasting, and I am Lord of all, I come to my realm of Nature and through my wondrous power I am born. When righteousness is weak and faints, and unrighteousness exults in pride, then my Spirit arises on Earth. For the salvation of those who are good, for the destruction of evil in men, for the fulfillment of the kingdom of righteousness, I come to this world in the ages that pass."

- 4:6-4:8, Bhagavad Gita - an ancient Aryan spiritual scripture.

The Figure

27 July 2008

Out of the darkness there shone a light. From a time of disorder, chaos, and death there came a figure: a man of order, structure, and life.

In a time when mankind had forgotten Nature’s eternal laws of existence and had lost focus on reality, a man came to remind them of the truth and to show the world a higher kind of civilization. He brought new hope and new dreams to our world.

Chaos had gripped the world: people had forgotten Nature and worshiped otherworldly gods and unnatural philosophies. They consumed poisons of the flesh and soul and had begun a process of collective suicide. Unbeknownst to themselves, for they were unable to see the harm in their actions.

This was a time when mankind was dying. They worshiped material treasures and mediocrity. They cared for nothing beyond the pleasures of their own senses. Lost and wandering closer to the grave, these people did not know the truth.

Out of this cloud-covered darkness and chaos there came a man. This man brought with him the torchlight of the truth and with a will equal to that of the gods he set fire to the heavens and his light began to shine upon the earth.

He came with the knowledge of Natures Eternal Truths. He knew every bit of reality and gave it to a world that was lost in many untruths. With a voice that roared like the lion he delivered the message of Nature’s Eternal Truth. Like the booming of the thunderclap after the lightning flash, his voice rang throughout the land and forced the dark clouds to give way to his divine Light.

This man came into this world with a heart that beat for the love of Nature and his people. And after he taught his Divine Wisdom to his people, they loved him in return.

His people lived healthier lives by way of the truth, and free of poisons. Their eyes were opened to his divine light and never had the world looked better.

But all was not yet finished...

It appeared that the clouds had parted and his light would shine for eternity and spread to all ends of the earth to forever protect the Eternal Laws of Life. But this was not so. For all around this world there dwelt unnatural people who spoke lies better than He spoke the truth. Over time these unnatural ones spread their biological toxins to the souls of men who had not yet heard His truth. Those infected by the poison of the unnatural ones rose up and overthrew His light with another black cloud of unnatural disorder and death. They destroyed all that He had created.

The unnatural ones have destroyed His name and His truth. They have conquered the whole world by way of deception and manipulation. Now they are slowly wiping Him from the pages of the histories so that we may all die the slow and painful death at the hands of the unnatural forces of their darkness.

He loved too much and was not loved equally in return.

He has been vilified and His image distorted since His arrival upon this earth.

His torch has long since been snuffed out and again we dwell in the darkness of the unnatural clouds of disorder, decadence, degeneracy, and death.

The world He loved so and tried so hard to save was the very world which forced Him into his grave.

He left this world too soon.

His name was Adolf Hitler.


This year celebrates the historic 40th anniversary of the National Socialist Movement (NSM – NSM88.ORG), and the 20th year of Commander Jeff Schoep at its helm.

As part of our commemoration, a rally will be held on April 26th. We invite members, supporters, and their families to join us for this historic event. As usual, exclusive access will be made available to the media.

Commander Schoep invites white people to: “Come out and honor our forefathers, and honor your blood, as we gather for this 40th anniversary and historic event in Chattanooga Tennessee. Do not stand on the sidelines! Come out and let your voice be heard, and your boots be heard as we stand in solidarity in the streets of Chattanooga in defense of our nation, our race, and the American way of life! We also celebrate putting family, race, and nation first while fighting to secure American jobs, as the premier white civil rights organization in this country.”

According to published media reports, “Chattanooga's crime rate [is] higher than Detroit and Atlanta, cities considered to be two of the most dangerous in America,” pushing the city into the top 20 in reported crime in the United States. ( Also, neighborhood has also been noted (

“When is this going to stop,” demands Commander Schoep. Many inner cities are known to be festering breeding grounds of crime against whites. And when they become unsafe for everyone, Schoep believes that this should be an important sign heeded by all!


Country Music Satirist, Ray Stevens, Might be FOR Us