Overpasses for America to Protest Obama's Illegal Immigration Amnesty Oct 24 and 25

First revealed on NSM Weekend: http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-132038/TS-898003.mp3

Complete story: http://www.examiner.com/article/citizen-groups-to-protest-illegal-immigration-and-obama-s-executive-amnesty

For more information: http://overpassesforamerica.com/

NOTE: This is not a sanctioned NSM event, but you are welcomed to attend as a solid American citizen one of the events in your area if you are so inclined.

blaming mexicans for meth?

OK I wanna start of by saying I'm by no means a beaner lover. I hate border hoppers. But I think its funny the KKK says Mexicans are the ones responsible for all the meth in the United States. But actually any good dope is made by other neo Nazis. All the spicks got that bunk shit. Dirty Mexicans

The TRUTH: Police Officer Darren Wilson was Attacked by Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO

What will the blacks say now? NY Times article link in post here @: http://fox2now.com/2014/10/17/new-york-times-officer-darren-wilsons-account-of-the-michael-brown-shooting/

Link to picture above @: http://truenewsusa.blogspot.com/2014/08/michael-browns-criminal-past-revealed.html

Skrewdriver All Skrewed Up Black T-Shirt

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Kick them Black Arsed Ebola Carriers out - I dont want them near me !!

Too Funny for 'Real' Radio…


Saga – “Weapons Of Choice” Compact Disc

Saga - "Weapons Of Choice" Compact Disc 1. Impossible Battles 2. My Man 3. Arise 4. Kinsland 5. Tall Man Crying 6. Weapons Of Choice 7. Sacrifice 8. Always Here For You 9. Green Fields Of France (Instrumental)
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Endlöser – “18” Compact Disc

Endlöser - "18" Compact Disc Endlöser's 18 year anniversary cd. Very melodic compact disc with really good vocals and lyrics! Comes with a nice booklet including all lyrics and pictures. 01. PFARRER KLAUS 02. 38 03. ALICE IM WUNDERLAND 04. BIERFASS 05. BIS ZUM SIEG 06. BLUT UND EISEN 07. DENN ICH BIN DEIN FREUND 08. DU BIST TREU (DENNIS STRAFMASS) 09. FREIHEIT 10. BIERPATRIOTEN 11. GERDAE 8 (CUTS & BONES) 12. JENS UND STEFFEN (DENNIS REICHSWEHR) 13. LEBE DEIN LEBEN 14. MEIN EUROPA 15. MEIN VOLK 16. SICHERHEIT 17. STEH ENDLICH AUF (DENNIS STRAFMASS) 18. DEUTSCHLAND
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Oi! A Ultima Thule Tribute Compact Disc

Oi! A Ultima Thule Tribute Compact Disc 1. Battle Scarred - Tonight 2. Generation 69 - Skinhead 3. Vicious Rumours - One Eye Open 4. Unit Lost - Friday Evening 5. Headcase - The God Of Light 6. Skulls, The - Ravens 7. Suspects Dc, The - Witch Hunt 8. Lumpex 75* - Jeden Za Wszystkich 9. Sniffing Glue - Election Day 10. Endstufe - Psycho Killer
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Aryan Rebels – “Der Sieg des Gewissens” Compact Disc

Aryan Rebels - "Der Sieg des Gewissens" Compact Disc 1. Intro (1:46) 2. Der Sieg Des Gewissens (2:56) 3. Unsere Elite (3:22) 4. Rock The ZOG (2:54) 5. Change Of Scenery (3:56) 6. Aryan Girl (2:38) 7. Camino Al Sur (3:57) 8. Der Mann (3:50) 9. Fields Of Athenry (5:04) 10. Doch Er Blieb Treu (3:25) 11. Spirit (2:56) 12. Aryan Rebels (3:24)
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