What I hate:

White women who are race traitors by going with blacks.

Stupidity in people who can help it. I mean come on...is it that hard to read a book now and then?

Jews. I think they are foul. Greedy and conniving.

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NSM Responds to Ferguson Riots

The National Socialist Movement will not stand idle as white families, businesses, and homes are being attacked by maurading criminals. We have been contacted by numerous individuals in the Ferguson area asking for our support. We are currently weighing two options, either boots on the ground in the form of patrols within the City to provide protection and security for the citizens, or a public rally. We are currently awaiting further reports from our people on the ground there, and we should have men enroute to the city shortly.

As America’s premiere white civil rights organization, the National Socialist Movement stands in shock and disdain of the events going on in Ferguson , Missouri. Not only are area blacks fulfilling the stereotypical ‘worsts’ of their past culture.

“This is NOT a ‘Trayvon Martin case,’” says NSM Commander Jeff Schoep, who adds that,“This is an experience in which a misguided community has overreacted, perhaps as much, or even MORE than have the police. Anyone trying to draw that parallel between this event and Trayvon Martin is causing even more unrest whether they are aware of it or not!” Schoep represents NSM, an organization of socio-political interests for white civil rights, and is an outspoken figure in various other race-related issues.

“If there’s been an ‘injustice,” Schoep says, "it will be found out. Revisiting America ’s 1960’s by rioting and looting in your own town is NOT the answer. It's INSANE! Rational, public-spirited fact-finding is the ONLY answer. What’s going on in Ferguson, Missouriis virtually akin to communist-incited ANARCHY,” added Schoep. “White people will NOT be victims of this random violence and rioting.

NSM Annoucements: Texas Rally & More

Major Announcement:

NSM National Rally, Nov. 8th at 4pm in Rockwall, TX.

Take a stand with NSM Texas & Patriots from around the Nation. Rally against illegal immigration, and in defense of the American way of life. Speakers will include: Commander Jeff Schoep, Capt. Harry Hughes, Capt. Brian Culpepper, and many more to be announced. All known Patriots and respected allied Organizations are welcome to participate. Swastika Lighting and bbq on private property after the event. Those who would like to attend contact:

M. Sgt. Smith Region 7 Director at: nsmregion7@gmail.com


NSM Worldtalk Radio:

Brand new shows weekly and popularity is surging for this live call in Talk radio show. Join Capt. Culpepper and his team live or listen to the downloadable episodes if you miss the live broadcast. Latest show details here:



NSM HQ Detroit:

Commander Schoep filmed a part last weekend for an upcoming documentary film. More details when the film releases later this Fall or Winter.


The following is a meeting announcement for Region 10 & Oregon.

NSM Region 10 & Oregon Meet & Greet

Date - Sunday August 31, 2014

Time - 2:00pm - ????

Location - Gresham, OR

Place - TBD

Anyone wishing to attend contact Cpl. Stacy H. at



NSM Region 3: Regional Meeting Georgia Announcement:

On September 20, 2014 the Savannah Unit will sponsor the regional meeting in Savannah, GA. To attend contact: nsm88r3@gmail.com and/or NSM Savannah: nsm88.ga@gmail.com


NSM Ohio & Prison Liason Office:

The NSM/PLO has been transferred over to NSM Ohio under the direction of Dan D. who is also the new chapter leader for the Ohio NSM:


NSM/ Prison Liason Office

P.O. Box 6602

Toledo, OH 43612


NSM Georgia in the News:

Hate group spreads circulars in Bryan County



NSM Region 11: Arizona: Regional Director Harry Hughes to be on Radio show:

Friday, August 22, 2014, from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Pacific Time Harry Hughes will be on Mike Harris' "Short End of the Stick"... We'll be talking about the events in Ferguson, MO and the failures of race relations, integration and other related topics.


Watch: Jared Taylor explains the war on Whites.

Jared Taylor, the editor of American Renaissance and president of the New Century Foundation, a race realism think-tank, perfectly explains the modern war on Whites in America with the most simplistic examples available.


Canada urging to remove the rights to citizenship to babies born in Canada to non-citizens.

Immigration officials have recommended that Ottawa remove citizenship rights to babies born in Canada to non-citizens and non-residents even though the small number of cases doesn’t justify the costs...

This should have never been here in the first place, but a start to stopping the mass immigration.


Hail fellow New Saxons! Corporal Hoffman here. I have recently watched a movie called "The Believer" and I wanted to give my thoughts and I would like feedback as well please. Unlike Romper Stomper or the famous American History X, this was a fact based movie. I do enjoy the above movies as many of you do not, but it is the idea that captures my attention and interest. Anyways, I am educated and aware of our beloved George Lincoln Rockwell and would like to read his book Hate: George Lincoln Rockwell and the ANP. I also read upon the character in the movie I am talking about. Daniel Burros, while I respect what Mr. Rockwell says about him, I still believe that Daniel Burros was an embarrassment to the Movement. He seemed from the movie, seriously conflicted spiritually. There are so many self-hating Jews out there and he was one of them. If you are not familiar with Daniel Burros, read on him. And it is a DAMN shame what the American Nazi Party has become, makes me sad inside. So please give your feedback I would enjoy it! Thank you! 88

Colemans parole hearing moved from October to December 2014.

Colemans parole hearing moved from October to December 2014.
This is the letter I wrote to Chairman Montgomery regarding Vanessa Coleman, I know many of you have signed the peitionhttp://www.change.org/petitions/tennessee-b... which I thank all of you for doing that, why not take it a step further and write your personal feelings down for him to read, trust me I have many more feelings beyond what I wrote to Chairman Montgomery, but I think that it is a good starting point and it would be incredible if each and everyone did the same.
Mail to: Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole
Attn: Richard Montgomery, Chairman
404 James Robertson Parkway, Suite 1300
Nashville, Tennessee 37243

You may also email the board at:

Contact Us

Deny Parole to Vanessa Coleman Offender#473393

Dear Chairman Montgomery,

I am writing you today to voice my concerns about Vanessa Coleman Offender# 473393 and the possiability of her being granted early release through parole due to prison overcrowding and good behavior? Despite the article I just read today online on WATE COMS website stating that with over 60,000+ signatures collected from not only Tennessee, but across the USA and the world including mine, Miss Colemans parole hearing moved from October to December 2014.

I understand it's a legal thing, but I have been following the Christian-Newsom case since a few months after it happened and it has haunted me everyday since. It is beyond completely horrendous what Channon and Christopher had to go through, not to mention having to see what was taking place not only in fear to themselves but to the one they loved not being able to help them. I could not even fathom the horrors the families must have endured on a daily basis, I know the mistrust, anger and apprehension it must have caused to them and others on a daily basis towards people, and the legal system. Not just once but the families had to go through the whole thing all over when the defendants sentences almost overturned due to the presiding Judge Richard Baumgartners' issues and made to go over every single gruesome detail that has been branded and scared into their souls and to the heartbreak and anger of the supporters of the Christian-Newsom famlies.

While Miss Coleman Offender# 473393 may not have partcipated in the actual brutalization, yes she is just as guilty. Miss Coleman could have seeked help for Channon and Christopher, which she didn't instead she relished in the brutal, savage, horrific deaths of the two beautiful, promissing white college students, which was more then apparent by her journal entry. It doesn't talk about fear or regret instead it appears joyfull.

We have enough problems on the streets of America without having to worry about someone without a conscience or respect for anyones life or looking at who's life/lives are going to be destroyed in the future.

Chairman Montgomery, please consider my words and anyone elses involving the Christian-Newsom case. Deny Parole to Vanessa Coleman Offender#473393. Please consider the many innocent lives that would be placed in danger if Miss Coleman is granted an early release through parole.

Aug 21st NSM Worldtalk Special