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Al Sharpton wants the US military to remove 'all remnants of the Confederacy' from its bases

Al Sharpton wants the US military to remove 'all remnants of the Confederacy' from its bases

Well, gee, Al, without you as our 'moral compass,' we wouldn't know WHAT to do...LOL

Ted Nugent Slams 'Words' and 'Flags'

Guerrilla Activism – Woman Takes Down S.C. Confederate Flag

Next stop, anarchy against whites?

Watch Out During July 4th

Confederate Flag Rallies and Booming Sales

Request for Ted Nugent Interview

After reading Mr. Nugent's terrific essay on the current absurdities of the use of the 'N-Word' as well as the banning of the Confederate Flag, we of NSM Media became even more interested in his ideas and presentation.

In fact, although Mr. Nugent might disagree with some of the core political platforms of our parent organization, the National Socialist Movement, we are confident that he would be pleased that we agree on 'words' and 'flags.'

I would like to invite him to contact me about appearing as a guest on our Sunday internet radio show, "NSM Weekend."

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Assorted Musings on the Confederate Flag Issue

“As America seeks answers to a senseless massacre of nine black churchgoers in Charleston, S.C., last week by”...a VERY DISTURBED young man, “Confederate symbols, statuary, and legends are under siege.” Yahoo News asks the leading question of 'What's next?' (

A better question might be WHY?

Well, if you are Fox News contributor Jason Riley and Clay Cane, a contributing editor at, you might try to evade the issue AND demonize whites by saying that “white supremacy makes African-American men not get married to women they have babies with.” ( Yes, this is clearly INSANE! Fortunately, the host managed to get the guests to admit that “There’s only 'residual racism' in America today and it’s not 'a barrier to black progress'.” THANK YOU!

Indeed, as The Week proclaims, “There are still millions of Americans in the South who...remain deeply invested in the Confederate flag...I do believe their concerns and beliefs are worth considering without dismissing them wholesale as a bunch of backwards racists, as much of the American left seems eager to do. Some defenders of the flag worry about a slippery slope. They oppose its removal from state capitols and insignias because they think there's no logical stopping point.” ( Wise point. In fact, could this be the height of insanity when “'people are offended' by 'miniscule things'” (


Civil Rights Leaders Warn Against Flag Burning

Detroit - A Civil Rights advocates warn that a proposed Confederate Flag burning would be counterproductive and could potentially inflame ethnic tensions that could result in an escalation of the situation into all out racial conflict.

Commander Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement (NSM – NSM88.ORG) today issued a statement warning once again that the push against symbols of the Confederacy is an “All out assault on free speech and expression,” and that “all who love freedom and individual liberties must stand in opposition to the recent wave of anti-Confederate sentiment” that resulted from the media’s association of the Confederate Battle Flag with last week’s mass shootings in Charleston, South Carolina.

“Online groups proposing a “Burn the Confederate Flag Day” for this Saturday are no different than the proposals by a pastor in Florida a few years ago to burn the Koran,” says Schoep, an outspoken Civil Rights advocate.

“One should recall that General David Petraeus intervened by making a personal appeal to those considering the Koran burning, stating that it would unnecessarily inflame tensions which could result in attacks against Americans.” Schoep adds that “It will be interesting to see if anyone from the Obama administration will call for a halt to this provocation against the Whites in America.” “The very purpose of erecting monuments and naming State buildings for Confederate leaders and soldiers was in a spirit of reconciliation and not division.”

“Blacks in America are playing with fire by their repeated provocations of Whites. and increasingly Whites are being angered by the governments outright discrimination and lack of concern for the best interests of the White majority. The talking-points of the Nationalists are going to have to be addressed in order to avoid an all out race war in America. No justice; no peace!”