Ken McLellan ‎– “Ordinary Boy” Compact Disc (Brutal Attack) (Digipak)

Ken McLellan ‎– "Ordinary Boy" Compact Disc (Brutal Attack) (Digipak) 1. It's A Long Road 5:17 2. I Watched As He Bled 6:17 3. I Hear No Applause (A Snipers Lament) 5:15 4. With A Honest Hand 3:49 5. No Scapegoat 3:59 6. 1914: Ordinary Boys 3:25 7. The Rebel In My Heart 3:50 8. Remember The Oath 3:15 9. Devil's Hail (Anthem For Doomed Youth) 4:16 10. Ode To A Lost Man 2:07
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TOO Extreme in TWO Ways

Could Al Sharpton Be Accused of Inciting to Riot?


This is incredible news for such a tragedy. Thank you to all who signed this! I'm so happy that 322,936 people where able to come together in support of the Christian and Newsom famlies. Just think of that many random strangers came together what other things could be changed with written and spoken words! I was so anxious to hear the outcome of this, before they even had anything in I called the Parole Board to hear what the verdict was, I was told they where still in trial, and when I first saw that she was Denied I was so happy to hear that especially for the familes and for the memory of Channon and Chris! Bless everyone that signed this. In fact I copied this off the update I got on the petition

Dan Frye · Follow · Knoxville, Tennessee
Thank you so much Chris Nippard. It's very gratifying to have been a part of the most successful parole campaign in Tennessee history. The parole board received over 51,000 comments and 2,175 people took time to write individual letters of protests in addition to the 322,936 petition signers. It does restore hope that there are far more good people in the world than bad. It's just the bad that get the press. ~jlh~

Dec 11, 2014 — Many thanks to everyone who signed the Petition to Deny Parole to Vanessa Coleman.
After a lengthy hearing the Tennessee Parole Board voted unanimously to deny parole to Vanessa Coleman, Offender #473393. They also disallowed her from any further hearings until December 2020!

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson NOT 'Gatekeepers' of Black Community

Chris Rock's Racist Comments About White Laughter

Anti-white Prejudice

In the interest of disclosure and covering my moderately-expansive...BEHIND (legally, at least), I have to start off by saying that I am not a lawyer, I do not play one on TV, and I am not giving out legal advice. I'm just a writer with my perception of some important information that I would like to put forth. Further, the commentary you are about to read is may or may not be endorsed by the National Socialist Movement.

At any rate, a comrade who shall be nameless (and description-less) just lost their job recently. Apparently, they were seen by the boss of their small company (who apparently freaked), who fired them.

Now, before anyone in this esteemed electronic publication chastises me for using personal pronouns incorrectly in the preceding paragraph, we writers and journalists were using the word, 'they' to help protect the gender-identity of someone we were writing about long before political correctness coerced us into writing and saying, 'he' and 'she.' But frankly, I prefer 'they' and 'them.'

However protecting gender-identity (or identity of any kind for that matter) seems to be an unnecessary politeness for my fully-compensated fellow journos – especially if you are a 'neo-nazi'...errr...national socialist. In fact, there seems to be an almost perverse compelling need for the mainstream press to 'out' us. They feel that community opinion will motivate our bosses to discriminate against (and even fire) us. More often than not, it's at least a somewhat 'hostile' workplace for a 'found-out' national socialist.

But why?

Well, in case you didn't know, the majority of the population of the world seems to confuse the current state and expression of national socialism with that which occurred in Germany about 70 years ago.

Because of whatever missteps-to-atrocities Hitler is alleged to have committed, rightfully, wrongly, or (quite likely) hardly-if-at-all, the Jewish people want to make sure no other such alleged-to-real incidents similarly happen in the future. To do this, they have infiltrated and manipulated the media over the year to vilify any representation of Nazism, or even national socialism. This can be easily seen by simple internet research into the backgrounds of who owns and runs the media today.

So, while Commander Schoep correctly states that “We take the best of 'the right' and the best of 'the left,'” he is VERY correct. In fact, national socialism around the world is more concerned with a quasi-socialist philosophy that embraces each (usually white) nation, rather than the more common, garden-variety of communist-leaning socialism.

So when we say that we prefer a 'rightist' worldview that includes 'nuclear families' (instead of the au-currant families with two 'dads' or two 'moms'), AND the supposedly 'leftist' predilection towards practical, 'green' stewardship of the planet, some people just can't wrap their tiny, little, brainwashed minds around such a concept.

Instead, they (sorry for using THAT term again) want to make us national socialists feel bad about the past as it is 'spun' by them. And, God bless 'em, violent skinheads don't help how society sees us either. But, it's my thesis that the few @$$-hole 'skins' who have engaged in 'boot-parties,' etc. could have been 'plants' from more 'threatened' socioeconomic groups, and not ACTUAL white nationalist skins. Most REAL skins I know would NOT do that. But, back to my central idea of my fired comrade.

First of all (and especially in a 'right-to-work' state), a small business owner can confront an employee and say, “I'm sorry, but I clearly saw you in that recent National Socialist Movement rally. You are a front-line employee who is very visible to my customers, and because they may not agree with your politics, I am going to have to let you go. I am concerned about how continuing and future customers will react to you. Although you probably feel strongly that your organization is 'legal' and what-not, this is a 'PR-matter' for me as a small businessman.” That would be the NICE departure. However, my comrade was given a far more 'summary' dismissal.

First of all, regrettably, in a right-to-work state, it is 'legal' for a business to do this to an employee. However, the employee CAN state that, “My forcible exit from this job, for this reason, could be considered 'discriminatory' to my politics. And, although I know this is a 'right-to-work' state, I am prepared to make a federal complaint of this matter if I am so discharged.”

Pragmatically, of course, we all can guess just how quickly and how well such complaints are dealt with under the current administration. Plus, since this is a CIVIL matter, you might need to retain an attorney to fight this type of unmitigated BS completely. And that means MONEY, which all of us have, but only to varying amounts. You get the idea...

So, what can you REALLY do? In a small town and/or small company, most managers and owners will unfortunately be cowards to one degree or the other. They have a small marketplace, they have been brainwashed, and in their little world, they expect any action that is too 'out-of-the-box' to immediately lose customers.

As a TV show from the 1980's once said, “Wake up and smell the coffee crystals, baby!” Increasingly more Americans as well as people around the world are coming to understand the difference between 'national socialism' and 'neo-nazism.' And as the National Socialist Movement continues to introduce a continuing pro-white perception of our cause, we can only hope that incidents of anti-white racial injustice happen less over time. That is what we...errrr....YOU and I, would like to see happen.

White Focused, Cliched Humorous Skits

White Guy Problems

Mad TV: Pretty White Kids with Problems (Complete)

Nice White Lady

Requiem for a Lineage

Requiem for a Lineage

We are straight as the sightes on a rifle
And white as fallen snow
And it is time our kind
Commenced to be unified
As we were generations ago

Too many of us are political wash rags and blind
To the fact that when Martin Luther's lap dog Lyndon passed the Civil Rights
Our death warrant was officially signed

We must instill in our youth the importance of eugenics
Lest they be racially awake
And live by the fourteen sacred words
For the next generation's sake

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

And if living by that creed makes us racist
Then in the name of DAVID LANE let us proudly bear that label
And take up arms and fight
To keep our Norse and Celtic bloodlines WHITE
These anglo-american, Aryan SOLDIERS stand ready, willing, and able

Our heritage is not given to us by our parents, it is borrowed from our children.

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